Residency in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the world’s top relocation destinations , attracting people of all ages from around the world. In fact, more Americans per capita live in Costa Rica than in any other country outside the United States.

With over 25 distinct sub-climates, Costa Rica is one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world. The country’s four mountain ranges, 800 miles of gorgeous coastline, 200 volcanic formations, and hundreds of national parks and private reserves guarantee that everyone will find paradise in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s appeal extends beyond its natural beauty: the country welcomes new residents with friendly people, a stable democratic government, top-quality public health system, and one of the world’s highest literacy rates (95%). Paired with a high standard of living and a relatively low cost of living, many expatriates proudly call Costa Rica home.

Costa Rican residency grants foreign nationals the legal right to live in Costa Rica. If you plan to permanently relocate to Costa Rica, you should become a legal resident.

Residency Overview
Residency Eligibility
Applying for Residency
Required Residency Documents
Police Record Requirements
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