Here are some notes and letters from a few of our customers.....
  • Greg & Arlene Wootten
    I first got in touch with Jacqui & Konrad from Car- Doc s.a. while still living in the U.S. We told them that we were going to be moving to Costa Rica in 2 months and needed assistance in finding a car. After telling them what we were looking for and our price range we were immediately sent pictures and info on several different cars. We chose a Toyota 4 Runner which Konrad assured us he would thoroughly check out. We have been here for 3 months now and our car is absolutely perfect. We found Car-Doc to be extremely helpful and most important, honest. We would highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance to find a car.
    Greg & Arlene Wootten
  • Geoff McCabe
    Thanks Jacqui for finding us such a great car. In a country where no one ever seems to do anything on time, it was wonderful to work with someone who always is on top of everything. I'll recommend your services to our clients in the future.
    Geoff McCabe
  • Brent Sheirbon
    As an expat moving to Latin America, many things become much more challenging. On arrival to Costa Rica, I set out to find and purchase a Jeep Wrangler. I had a specific model and price range in mind. I reached out to Jacqui to assist me with her services. Over a period of a couple weeks Jacqui worked very closely with me to find what I wanted. It was clear that she always had my interests in mind as she was very diligent in understanding my objectives and finding a vehicle of high quality. In the end she was able to find exactly what I was looking for (something I would have never accomplished on my own). In addition, she was able to ensure the vehicle was checked out mechanically, as well as procure all the proper documents and insurance. These services were priceless for me.
    Brent Sheirbon
  • Rob Drexel
    Jacqui is an angel! - Faced with the need to locate both a good, reasonable priced car and numerous eclectic materials for our artwork - and do it in a hurry without speaking the language - finding Jacqui was just perfect. Her working together with CarDoc helped us make an informed and consequently very good decision about the vehicle we needed for the remote travel we were doing. On top of that, she was invaluable in locating somewhat arcane (for Costa Rica) material needs for our pottery studio. I emphatically recommend her personable and professional services!
    Rob Drexel
  • Mel Pearlston
    Dear Jacqueline, I write to tell you know how thrilled I am with my 4 Runner, and even more thrilled to not still be shopping for a car----a most problematic endeavor in Costa Rica. Before we met I had wasted countless hours, driven hundreds of miles, and endured endless frustration in my quest for wheels. Not only did you save me more of the above, but also eliminated several vehicles that looked good to me, but had significant mechanical deficiencies. All in all you saved my bacon, found me just what I wanted, and made the experience painless. Thank you for your help, your patience, and your professionalism. Warm regards,
    Mel Pearlston
  • Frederick Clark
    Hiring Jacqui Monacell to smooth the shipment of my household goods into Costa Rica was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Jacqui was my steadfast intermediary between myself and the shipping company, the receiving agent, the warehouse, the customs broker and most importantly, the CR customs officials. The way she ran interference between all these parties was incredible and she initiated many a phone call, email and fax between the parties and always returned my very frequent phone calls and emails promptly and with the greatest patience. And all this for a very reasonable fee. I whole heartedly recommend her services.
    Frederick Clark
  • Frederic Patenaude
    When I first arrived to Costa Rica, I wasn't familiar with this new country and the more time I spent there, the more I realized that things don't work quite the same way as back home. I hired Jacqueline from Your Costa Rica Contact to help me in the process of relocating to Costa Rica and getting a car, among other things. You will not find anyone as competent as Jacqui in relocation services. She's been very generous with her time and whatever I needed to know, she could find it for me. To have someone who knows the country and all of the intricacies of it to help you is priceless indeed. If you're going to live in Costa Rica at least a part of the year, then I suggest you give Jacqui a call. The peace of mind of knowing someone is there to take care of things for you will be worth it 100%.
    Frederic Patenaude
  • Matt Southcott
    After trying to find a vehicle in Costa Rica myself for a number of weeks I was at my wits end. I finally came across an ad on Craigslist for help finding a vehicle. So I called the number and talked to Jacqui. She explained how they inspected vehicles and only looked at vehicles that matched my price range as well as my preferences. This was great because unlike many people I am extremely picky over my vehicles. She offered advice and was very patient with me (I declined many vehicles). Jacqui and Konrad were able to source a very good vehicle for me and were helpful in all of the steps in buying and transferring ownership and insurance of the car. I was very happy to have Jacqui do all the work as she does a very good job.
    Matt Southcott
  • Our experience with Jacqui and CarDoc has always been efficient and quick, as anybody having a car knows, keeping it adjusted and well maintained is a guarantee that it will be safer and nicer on the road. Thanks to CarDoc and to their excellent performance driving has become a much safer and more pleasant experience. CarDoc services for us have translated into saving money by diagnosing problems before they arrive...Jonathan Solis Rios. (September 2008) My family and I moved to Costa Rica at the end of July 2007. We needed a good car but didn't?t want to go through the hassle of finding one, negotiating with the owner, and all things related with buying cars. We were new in the country and busy dealing with all other practical things that has to be done when moving a family from one country (Spain in our case) to another. So, we did a search on the net and found Jacqueline?s website and decided to have her helping us. We wanted a pick-up truck and she very quickly found us one for the right price and helped us with a technical inspection of the car and through the deal. All went smooth and we saved ourselves a lot of hours that we could set off for other things. In my opinion Jacqueline has the experience and knowledge to help anyone dealing with cars and I can warmly recommend her services."
  • Deb Rob and Dude
    Dear Jacqui, As you know Rob and I are seasoned residents of Costa Rica. Along with a few household belongings, we shipped our very large gas guzzling 1987 Toyota Landcruiser to Costa Rica in December 2003. As gasoline prices rose, by August of 2008, we found ourselves feeling trapped at home, in the campo near Esparza, and not able to enjoy the wonders of Costa Rica. Even our big yellow Lab, Dude, felt cabin feverish! Living so far away from the business and happenings of San Jose and the Central Valley, we just could not do a car search without help. We contacted you and contracted your services to find us a car with very, very specific criteria: a very small price range, the need for a station wagon with a large enough cargo area for our 100 lb. Lab, gas economy, and inexpensive parts that are readily available, with a preference for Toyota. Was this accomplished? Yes. With professionalism, regular emails and telephone communication, friendliness, promptness and speed, we are now driving our 1991 Toyota Corolla All Trac Station Wagon. You met all our criteria. Dude fits in the back, we are sightseeing and grateful to enjoy our Costa Rica.
    Deb Rob and Dude
  • Ralph & Eileen
    When our daughter moved back to Costa Rica permanently, we agreed to help her out a little with an automobile. We tried to research cars from the U.S. via the Internet and called and talked with quite a few owners, but it was so difficult. Our daughter had no real experience with car shopping and is no mechanic, and then there are the issues of funds transfer, title and inspection, etc. Jacqui is the answer. Despite our numerous changes of mind and inability to decide on things, she stayed with us. She was always available by phone and email, knows all the procedures, and has all the right contacts -- especially Konrad at Car Doc! We had a very tight budget, and she was always realistic with us. We are grateful to have found Jacqui and heartily endorse her service, recommending her to anyone who is facing the difficult task of finding and buying a car in Costa Rica.
    Ralph & Eileen
  • Tim and Louise Day
    Hi Jacqui, I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for everything you have done for me and Louise. You made it so easy for us to buy and service our car. I must honestly say I have never dealt with a more organized trustworthy company. Every turn in the road you have been there for us and you have gone way beyond what I had ever expected. It is extremely hard to deal across an international border to make arrangements and to understand the laws, you made it all so easy. We will definitely use your service again and we will recommend you to all we know. Thank you for the excellent job and being there for us.
    Tim and Louise Day
  • Adrian Madlener, Esq.
    Dear Jacqui, I just wanted to write you a little note of appreciation for the things you helped me with. Moving to Costa Rica like I did back in November is no small task, and your services were invaluable. Where to begin? You have helped me with so many things, it's hard to remember them all. I needed to buy a car, a difficult task given that I was still in California. But you found a perfect vehicle for my purposes and arranged for the purchase, insurance, registration, mechanics inspection, new wheels, and even having the windows tinted! (a must for Guanacaste). Anyone would hesitate at sending a 20k check in the mail to a relative stranger in another country, but as we talked about on the phone, sometimes you just have to trust people to get certain things done. The car was delivered to my door the day after my plane landed. Then there was the cell phone. Read the local paper in Costa Rica and you might get the idea that getting a cell phone can be tough. Not with you. Couple days after the request and I was up and running. I also needed an architect to build my home at the beach. I was going to interview several and decide later but after meeting with Carlos Romero, I was convinced he was the man for the job. And that was even before I saw his other work. I was so impressed with his professionalism and personality, I also decided to have him remodel a condo I bought in San Jose. Oh yes, that's the other thing, the real estate agent, you recommended her too. Everything went smoothly with that as well. Not to mention the several times I called just to ask advice, whether it was a travel agent or just directions. I felt like I had a private secretary, it was amazing. Being abroad can sometimes be intimidating. Even though I have some Spanish language skills and consider myself intelligent and savvy, there were times when it really was a relief to know I had someone I could call if I got in a bind (like the time I was pulled over for expired registration and the police officer was going to take my license plates but you talked him out of it over the phone as I sat on the side of the highway!). Anyone coming here would benefit from your services and advice, and your network of professionals are as impressive and competent as you are. I literally cannot say enough nor thank you enough. Thank you,
    Adrian Madlener, Esq.
  • Diane & Guy Normandin
    This is how our wonderful experience started with Jacqui and Conrad. We found a little paradise in Ocotal, Guanacaste, many things to do and see! Three months under the tropical sun is a dream come true, unfortunately, without a car, it is not ideal. Renting a car can sometimes slowdown an outing, so we decided to purchase a vehicle. Listening to the car purchase experience of other tourists, we decided to do a search on the Internet and "Your Costa Rica Contact" seemed like an interesting option. While we were in Montreal and Jacqueline Monacell in Costa Rica, she did everything to find the car responding to our expectations. What a great experience we had! It gave us peace of mind, we had an expert team to rely on, and even good tips for our drive back to Ocotal! Now we feel more like friends than customers! Your Costa Rica Contact, Car Doc and their lawyer all did a great job to help us find our freedom and discovered marvelous places. We absolutely have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone!
    Diane & Guy Normandin
  • Gwen and Rick
    Hi Jacqui, Muchas gracias for selling us such a wonderful vehicle! It got mi esposo back from the big city safely, and in record time. We were out in the driveway at two a.m. with a flashlight and the considerate wash of the full moon inspecting our important new family member. We have named her Dulce Azul. Rick jabbered sleepily about how great you, your husband, your staff and your lawyer were in assisting him through our milestone acquisition. He was also pretty impressed with your shop set-up?good for you guys! I drove Dulce over a stretch of our most feared road ?from Garza toward Nosara --today. She was too much of a lady to laugh haughtily at the bottomless holes, gorges, slashes and rubble (as well as the nasty trolls under the bridges) but instead motored over them, effortlessly and with great poise. She did turn a few heads, I must admit. She handled situations firmly and with confidence. To our pleasure, Dulce made it obvious she had front wheel drive as we ascended sharp hills or rough spots. Yes, Dulce and I bonded well on our outing today, and agreed to ?Hit the highway kick tailgate!? tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and knowledge in finding a great car for us, Jacqui! I bought perishables and ice cream today. Life is good. Thanks again, Jacqui, and thanks to Konrad, too! All the best,
    Gwen and Rick
  • Sean
    Dear Jacqui, The experience was great, you were patient and ensured that you stood behind your mission which is to make sure that your clients purchase is in tip top shape for the value. I would highly recommend you to anyone that is not versed in Costa Rica business and/or regulations to use your service. Best of luck to you!
  • Andy and Fran Browne
    Moving to Costa Rica is stressful enough. Add to that the complications of purchasing an automobile where the seller is not likely to speak English, where the likelihood that the odometer may not reflect the actual mileage of the car and where gringos are not in a strong position to negotiate a good deal ? this becomes a recipe for disaster. Such was my situation as I prepared for my move to Costa Rica. A friend of mine turned me on to a company called Your Costa Rican Contact. For a flat fee they found a car that met or exceeded my expectations, negotiated a price that was well below the sellers asking price and made sure that it was in excellent condition. All of this was done while I tended to the details of my Costa Rican move from my soon to be ex-home in Charlotte North Carolina. On the very day we landed in country, Jacqui Monacell, owner of Your Costa Rican Contact, picked us up at the airport in our new (used) car. After gathering our luggage, we met with her attorney to sign the necessary transfer papers. In a few short minutes, we were on our way to our new home in San Ramon, driving a car that was mechanically sound, paid for in full and who?s insurance and Marchamo were paid and up to date. Jacqui offers a wonderful service to folks like us and Fran and I have nothing but kudos for her services. It certainly has made our initial weeks in our new home much less stressful. Thanks Jacqui.
    Andy and Fran Browne
  • Tom and Jana Stotler
    My wife and I are moving to Costa Rica in August, 2010. As we were planning our trips down to Costa Rica to bring our belongings for the house, we decided to buy a car instead of incurring car rental expenses for each trip. Andy Browne suggested that we make contact with Your Costa Rican Connection and we are very happy we did. We contacted Jacqui and told her what we were looking for and how much we could afford and within a week she found one that fit the bill. Jacqui had it thoroughly inspected and when it passed all the tests with flying colors she managed to negotiate the price down for us. She made sure that the car was all paid up with inspection and Marchamo and that it was in great condition. On our last trip down in February, we arranged to meet Jacqui, signed our paperwork and were out the door very satisfied with our new (used) car. The car definitely exceeded all of our expectations. Since we were leaving the country in two weeks Jacqui even arranged for storage of the car while we are gone. Each step of the way was very complete with tons of communication and lots of pictures which helped our decision making very easy. We plan to use Jacqui to help us acquire cell phones and will use her for other services we identify to help us make our transition easier. We cannot say enough good things about her service, availability, and patience. We would recommend ?Your Costa Rican Connection? to anyone who must accomplish a move to Costa Rica from another country. You will not be sorry.
    Tom and Jana Stotler
  • Stephanie and John Craig
    My husband and I recently moved to Costa Rica and used Jacqui's company's services. It was a pleasure working with her. She was professional, accommodating, thorough and reasonable. We were able to trust her with all of the details and she listened to our requests. She found exactly what we were looking for - and it took some looking before she was able to find what we were requesting. She made sure that we were protected by making sure that we were presented the best deal and with top notch inspections, insurance, registrations - she even found a vehicle with a six month warranty, which is something unheard of on a used vehicle - we are told. Jacqui went above and beyond as far as we are concerned. She kept in close contact with us. She met our wants as well as our needs. She ensured that we got the best deal for our money and when the first vehicle didn't reach her standards, she made sure that we understood that it wasn't in our best interest to lower our standards. She was right. The 'right' vehicle was just around the corner. It passed all of the inspections and was a better deal in the end. Since then, we wanted to have some upgrades made to our vehicle. We were able to bring it to 'CarDoc', which is the Automotive shop owned by Jacqui and her husband. Every time we brought it in, they immediately accommodate us, give us a fair price and do excellent work. It gives us peace of mind to know that while we are living in a country where we are the 'foreigners' and don't speak the language, we have a place that we can go and not worry about being taken advantage of. It is a privilege to recommend Jacqui and her company to you without any reservations. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Sincerely,
    Stephanie and John Craig
  • Kepler Knott
    Jacqueline Monacell and YourCostaRicaContact are the people to call before, during, and after your move or long trip to Costa Rica. As expatriates, people generally hail from service economies, where customer care and attention to the client's needs and experience are critical. Working with Jacqui and her company, my family and company have had an incredible experience. It's been like having our own concierge, and her ability to anticipate our needs across a wide range of issues - from health care, to legal advice, to transportation, to getting our communications set up - have made her services an invaluable part of our transition. She is energetic, professional, creative, and very flexible, and it is a real pleasure to work with her. I also believe that trust is paramount when you are new to a place and trying to figure things out, and there are numerous times where Jacqui handled challenges on our behalf in a way that earned our highest level of confidence and trust. She always had our best interests at heart. For example, instead of selling us a box set of services, they took a very professional and personable approach to helping us discover what our needs were and then helped determine how best to meet those needs, regardless of whether they were helping us directly or referring us to another professional. Jacqui?s ability and willingness to put us in front of the right people and services to get our life and work started here have been superb, and it would be hard to tally the number of road blocks and frustrations we didn't have because of YourCostaRicaContact. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants professional hands-on help with their transition. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Kepler Knott
  • Lou Maire
    Working with Jacqui was a delight, from my first contact with her until I drove away in my new (to me) car that is perfect for what I need. She is trustworthy, competent, and has a natural talent for what she does that makes buying a car in Costa Rica a pleasure. The service that Car Doc provides is also excellent and well worth the money. They did a thorough inspection of the car and replaced any worn parts to bring it up to “like new” condition. In the past few months I have driven the car all over Costa Rica, and every time a drive it, it brings a smile to my face. Thank you Jacqui! ¡Bien hecho! (Well done.)
    Lou Maire
  • Murray Hughes
    I've lived in Costa Rica three times in the past three years and each time I've sought the expert help of Jacqui because her Spanish is amazing and she's been in Costa Rica long enough to understand the culture and the infrastructure extremely well. She has helped my family and I with buying and selling cars, buying and selling costa rican companies, getting a cell phone, getting a Panamanian bought car visa extensions, residency, temporary accommodation and more. Her attention to detail, professionalism and organization skills are rarely seen in ANY country. She is also a great person with a friendly attitude and I can clearly see has a genuine concern and care for the success of my trip and experience in Costa Rica. I've used similar services in several other countries and no others compare to Jacqui's. If I didn't know I had Jacqui to help me out each time I visit, I'm not sure if I'd visit Costa Rica as often as I do. Highly recommended.
    Murray Hughes
  • Mark and Linda
    Jacqui, We came to you with a near impossible situation---we needed a car, corporation, home, cell phones, etc., in a very short period of time---but you made it happen and saved us the delirium of dealing with so many of the systems in Costa Rica. Your rates are better than anyone else and your service is top-notch. There are several dear friends of ours who will be moving to Costa Rica in the coming months and we will not let them talk to anyone other than you---guaranteed! Thank you so much for understanding our situation and for reacting to accommodate our needs. Your professionalism is second to none. You are the very best!
    Mark and Linda
  • Dave Davis
    Jacqui Monacell was referred to me by a friend of ours that had raved about how efficient she had been for them when they moved to Costa Rica. I didn't have much time left in the country and I had to move quickly so I called Jacqui and she made room in her schedule to meet with my wife and I right away. I left the car for inspection and she had a seller lined up before I even knew what needed be updated on the vehicle. She had the car sold within a week and I had funds wired into my account in the US before my belongings even arrived via shipping. I was able to pay for the necessary repairs and Jacqui's fee for selling the car and still walk away with more than I had initially paid for the vehicle. I would highly recommend using Your Costa Rica Contact for anyone coming into or leaving Costa Rica. They made my life a lot easier and I might still be there trying to sell the car if not for Jacqui and her hard work.
    Dave Davis
  • Tom Vander Ven
    Best of all, Jacqui Monacell’s company does what it says it will do—and without delays. The paper work in San Jose was a breeze. For our seven months in Costa Rica, she found us a very good and reliable car, a 4Runner that’s been perfect for the byways of Guanacaste, the bridgeless rivers and the dusty, rocky roads of Nosara, Ostional, San Juanillo and north to Tamarindo. She also directed us to an Hipermas, San Jose’s version of WalMart, and to a vivero, a nursery with a very knowledgeable gardener. Her 16 years in Costa Rica and her fluency in Spanish are great assets to people just arriving. And now we've asked her to sell our car when we leave at the end of August.
    Tom Vander Ven
  • Ross Tyler
    I moved to Costa Rica at the begining of 2010 to begin a period of 12 months of travel in Central America. I felt that having a pickup truck would give me additional opportunities to 'get off the beaten track' during my travels and after a little research I worked out what type of pickup truck I would need. But for a non-Spanish speaker in Costa Rica knowing what I needed and actually getting it were two very different things. Step up Jacqui and Your Costa Rica Contact. I spoke with Jacqui, explained what I was looking for and from that point on everything went like clockwork. While Jacqui was looking for a suitable pickup truck I was in a remote part of Costa Rica and when a suitable vehicle was identified I travelled to the capital, inspected it and with great pleasure agreed to the purchase. I honestly don't think that I could have successfully and confidently negotiated the complicated purchase process without Jacqui's help. Having been inspected by the affiliated car workshop CarDoc I had the confidence that the pickup truck would survive the rough Central American roads and it didn't fail to deliver. I kept in contact with Jacqui and CarDoc throughout my travels and when my 12 months of travel came to an end I had full confidence in leaving the pickup truck with Jacqui for her to sell on my behalf as I travelled back to New Zealand. I think this highlights the trust I built up with Jacqui and CarDoc and I have no reservations in recommending their services to anyone who is looking to make their move to Costa Rica as painless as possible!
    Ross Tyler
  • Rick & Ginger Posey
    As you might expect when purchasing a vehicle in a foreign country, there can be much apprehension. In our case there was a lot of apprehension, but our experience using Jacqui Monacell & Your Costa Rica Contact was really great. We need not have worried. We told her what kind of vehicle we wanted & what our budget was & she went about searching for us. Each time something she thought we might want was found, Jacqui sent emails with info & pictures. We had phone calls with her & used Skype for our many questions & at no time did Jacqui become impatient. She was finally able to find what we wanted. With her excellent facility & mechanics, the vehicle was gone over completely & a list of repairs was made which she sent us to go over. When we approved the repairs, they were completed. All of the legal procedures were completed by Jacqui & her lawyer. All insurance, tags, stickers, title, etc. were ready when we met in her office. All we had to do was sign & drive away. The very reasonable fee was so worth it. We would never have been able to accomplish the task of purchasing a car, sight unseen, in another country, not knowing the language without Your Costa Rica Contact. It is a very professional organization. And, as an added bonus, we feel we have a new friend in Jacqui Monacell.
    Rick & Ginger Posey
  • Dom Najab
    Obtaining residency in Costa Rica can be a very tedious and aggravating process without some experienced hired help. I have spoken with many North Americans and others who have waited sometimes several years to receive their Cedula after making their application here. Dealing with Your Costa Rica Contact to complete our application made this process literally painless for my wife and I. Jaqueline and her sources showed us a level of professionalism, honesty, and dedication seldom found in Costa Rica. All the while, being very personable and warm without fail in every communication. Their rates were fair and their efficiency speaks for itself after receiving our Cedulas in hand in under six months from the date of our initial meeting. One needs to be extremely cautious whom they appoint to take on this task, and if you have been fortunate enough to stumble upon this company, it wasn't an accident.
    Dom Najab
  • Chester
    Back in 2007 we bought a 2nd home in the southern Pacific of Costa Rica and needed a reliable 4 x 4 car. I am a city guy and I admit I know very little about cars and was wary of buying a used car in Costa Rica. I had heard about Jacqui Monacell & Your Costa Rica Contact from several friends who had retired in Costa Rica. I thought I would call her and check it out. This happened to be the best decision I have ever made in my Costa Rican adventure. She found me what I was looking for, it checked out as a sound automobile by her mechanics and at a reasonable price. Jacqui made it a breeze. She took care of the all the legal work and government paperwork, had some parts replaced/adjusted and all I had to do is show up sign the papers with an attorney, got a lesson on driving and caring for the car from her mechanic and she even got me a hotel room near her office and shop! Best Part of the story the car has been great, no major problems and we have had it for 7 years! Thanks Jacqui!"
  • Martin Resor
    I am a tour operator from Finland and I had a problem with a hotel on the Caribbean regarding a booking I had made for one of my groups (for 8 rooms and for 4 nights ) last year. I had paid a deposit of more than 7000 dollars for the booking which I had to cancel before we got to Costa Rica. The hotel should have returned the money, but I never heard back from them. This year I made a new booking hoping for them to credit my account with my previous payment, but again, I never got a response. SInce I was already in the country with my group I contacted Jacqui who not only in a day's time organized my booking for my group for the following day, but she also got me the full refund of the 7000 dollar deposit I paid a year. It is wonderful and extremely good to have somebody like Jacqui helping you
    Martin Resor
  • Linda Tarlow & Alvin Rosenbaum
    We highly recommend Jacqui Monacell and YourCostaRicaContact. Jacqui found us the perfect car - it is exactly what we need for Nosara, where we now live year-round. Jacqui's right-hand man Kelvin picked us up in our new vehicle at the airport. Thank goodness she insisted we use a pet import agent who made sure both cats were promptly released at the airport. We also used the lawyer Jacqui recommended and got our residency applications approved and cedulas issued less than a year after arriving - and for less expense than other providers we looked at. Every single thing Jacqui did for us went perfectly.
    Linda Tarlow & Alvin Rosenbaum
  • James Kaiser author of
    Selling a car in Costa Rica can be extremely complicated and time consuming. Fortunately, Jacqui knows all the ins and outs. When I sold my Nissan Xterra, she made the process incredibly easy. Her services are worth every penny. I would recommend her to anyone.
    James Kaiser author of "Costa Rica: The Complete Guide"
  • Gerald Baker
    My wife and I moved to Costa Rica in Sep 2012. After extensive research, I decided to contact Jacqui about her services and a few questions. She quickly responded with extensive information. Having signed a home lease outside Atenas, we decided that purchasing a vehicle would be the best route for us. Jackie was always willing to provide me with any information I needed. After describing the type of vehicle we needed, Jacqui immediately began a search. Within a few days, she had eliminated a few available options, but she soon presented us with pictures and facts regarding a 2002 Honda which met our needs perfectly. She maintained excellent contact and information through each phase of the initial and complete inspections. Soon, we settled on a fair price, and Jacqui conducted all negotiations for us. On our day of arrival in San Jose, Jacqui arranged a driver to pick us up from the airport, and he transported us to her office where we met the seller, an attorney, an insurance agent, and the mechanics from Car Doc who had already completed the post-purchase maintenance package and an extensive report regarding the inspection of the vehicle. To say that we were pleased is an extreme understatement. The car was in immaculate condition, and all aspects of the purchase were conducted professionally in a single conference room. Within a reasonable time that same afternoon, we drove away in OUR owned, insured vehicle. Sadly, my wife and I had to move back to the USA due to family health issues. With very little notice, Jacqui (who was on vacation outside Costa Rica) agreed to advertise and broker a sale of the vehicle for us. We simply delivered the vehicle to Jacqui, signed a POA, and left the real work to her. Within a few weeks, Jacqui had found a buyer, negotiated a very generous price, and closed the sale for me. She was very quick in wiring me the proceeds back to the USA. I highly commend Jacqui and her staff for the great job in both the vehicle sales process as well as the vehicle purchase process. I would not hesitate to contact Jacqui again when I return to Costa Rica. Thank you, Jacqui! You made our vehicle purchase and sale effortless for us.
    Gerald Baker
  • Roger Beazley
    I can certainly echo the previous remarks as to the excellent service that Jacqui and her staff provide. I had a frustrating experience buying and selling a vehicle in CR. I thought I had a legitimate buyer that turned out to be a no show at the lawyer's office two days before we were to return to Canada. I contacted Jacqui, told her the situation, and she arranged certification, paper work, everything needed to sell the vehicle, all at a reasonable cost I might add. I had a feeling of trust and sincerity throughout the transaction, especially being out of country.
    Roger Beazley
  • John​ & Palma
    My wife and I are from Toronto and have built a new house in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, south of Ojochal. We have been renting vehicles on numerous trips here knowing that we would eventually purchase a vehicle once the house was built. It also allowed us to better understand our vehicle needs for our lifestyle in Costa Rica. Our friends said that they had purchased their used vehicle using an agent Jacqui Monacell located in San Jose who, for a ​set fee, would locate, ​inspect,recommend and eventually negotiate and purchase the vehicle. ​As part of the fee, ​her company arrange​s​ for a qualified independent mechanic to conduct a ​fairly thorough inspection of the vehicle we select. Although we had never previously engaged an agent for a vehicle purchase, we felt that given the fact that ​used car markets worldwide are notorious for concealing and altering vehicle instruments, ​it made sense to us. Jacqui came highly recommended​ and has a mechanic​ who​ would be able to advise us on the worthiness of the vehicle in its present condition ​and ​what to anticipate in terms of repairs. ​We fully recognized there could be a conflict as any mechanic can exaggerate what needs to be fixed. But based on our friend's referral, we felt that we could trust both Jacqui & her ​team. We engaged Jacqui giving her our vehicle​ criteria and ​she ​started the process of hunting for a vehicle in mid-November. ​Wi​thin a few weeks ​she had ​located a vehicle​ that met our needs and was in good mechanical condition​.​ This was an excellent, almost seamless experience in acquiring a vehicle in a foreign country and we ​would not hesitate recommending Jacqui's services to others​. In fact, we have already recommended her to others.
    John​ & Palma
  • Nik Jones
    My wife, 3 children and I moved from Oregon to Costa Rica in early 2013 and I'd found Jacqui online to help us buy a car. Though our family spoke some Spanish, we were a bit intimidated by the whole process of finding, buying and completing all the legal steps to buy a good car. She efficiently helped us locate a great used Mitsubishi Montero for a fair price. She located the car, arranged for a very reliable, thorough series of inspections and took care of all of the negotiations for us. We tremendously enjoyed our car for the two years we lived in the magical country that is Costa Rica, as was our plan. We drove it far and wide and over some challenging terrain. When the time came for us to sell the car, we delivered it to Jacqui and took a cab to the airport. She oversaw some minor work that was needed and put the car on the market for us. Though it took a bit longer than we all expected to sell the car, she took care of absolutely everything that was required to get it sold and close the deal. I cannot emphasize enough how impressed we are with Jacqui's professionalism, responsiveness, communication skills and reliability. If and when we return for an extended time, I'd work with Jacqui again in a heartbeat. We can easily recommend her without any reservation whatsoever. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about working with Jacqui.
    Nik Jones
  • JDA
    This is a well-deserved letter of praise and sincere thank you for your excellent services.As you know, my wife and I recently moved from the US to live full time in Costa Rica. The many contacts we established in the country had great things to say about your husband, Konrad Starke and his auto repair shop, Taller Car Doc and your company, Your Costa Rican Contact. Between the two of you working as an effective team, we first researched used cars then decided to buy a new car here in Costa Rica. Every step of the way in the process, you and Konrad provided excellent help.As we experienced, buying a used vehicle or even a new vehicle in Costa Rica can be a significant challenge for anyone. You were most helpful at every step. Becoming our designated "middleman" to handle all Spanish communication and needed steps with potential sellers or new car dealers was one of the best decisions we had made in our journey to Costa Rica. Konrad´s extensive mechanical and auto knowledge was demonstrated several times as we decided on one model or another as well as gasoline versus Diesel engine. Again, our many thanks for a job well done. Sincerely,
  • Scot and Sharen
    Thanks so much for the awesome service you provided! You went above and beyond finding us a great vehicle. You were so helpful even with things that didn't concern the vehicle. The combination of yourself and your husband Konrad worked seamlessly together (you and the paperwork and konrad with the mechanics) and the responsiveness and communication was top notch. We will continue to use your services in the future and certainly recommend you to our friends. Thanks again!
    Scot and Sharen
  • Ed Leonard
    After many trips to Costa Rica my family and I made the decision to "make the move" from the United States. The process of purchasing a house showed us just how complicated it can be to do business in another country. So when we decided to buy a car we turned to YCRC for assistance. We wanted a full-service solution and YCRC gave us exactly what we needed. YCRC did all of the work for us including screening vehicles, negotiating price, legal and tax requirements as well as coordinating vehicle inspection and repairs. Best of all, this work was done before we arrived in Costa Rica. We simply went to YCRC's office and picked up our truck (which we love!!) I highly recommend YCRC's vehicle service. This is the best money that we've spent in Costa Rica by far! Don't underestimate the challenge of purchasing a used vehicle in Costa Rica, go to Jacqui and let her do the rest.
    Ed Leonard